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maybe it’s been going on longer that I’d realized

I’ve posted (and ranted) occasionally about how man’s obsession with various technologies isolates him from the realities of human contact and has reduced his potential as a compassionate creature. Then I came across this line from a well known, some … Continue reading

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rearview redemption most drivers with a dashboard jesus have him facing the wrong way they ask his forgiveness for past sins as he rides backward thru traffic instead of using him to look forward alerting them to what lies ahead

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the poet (briefly) comes out of hiding

do as I say, not as I do she secretly longs to be a dominatrix if only someone would tell her how

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Friday afternoon epiphanies

An empty ‘Tucks’ container has already yielded its comforts against pains in the ass, therefore use it wisely to store miscellaneous hardware items. That which you depend on to provide what you seek in reality works against you in every … Continue reading

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I’ve known no war and consider myself lucky

I’ve known some people who went to war and would never claim to understand anything about their experience. Some appear to be OK with it, others carry visible scars and one didn’t come back alive. Maybe because of when I … Continue reading

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White House concerned over “Tour de Lance’

Though Lance Armstrong and President what’s-his-name are both Texans, the comparison ends there. Lance frequently wears yellow, a color the Defense Department associates with cowardice and the wrong symbol to be associated with at the moment. The recently defeated “blue” … Continue reading

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imitation doesn’t always flatter

We are becoming a society which prefers, or at least settles for, un-original thoughts. Look at all the movie remakes filling theaters these days. Do we really need to see Billy Bob Thorton re-play Walter Matthau’s role? Who do you … Continue reading

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