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Like so many sensitive and intelligent people trapped on the margin of a culture they cannot exorcise and cannot assimilate; they have taken refuge in routine, trading orgiastic outbursts of joy for steady minimal pleasure.” Marco Vassi ‘The Stoned Apocalypse’ … Continue reading

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I read this listing for PBS last night- Nature (CC) HDTV Repeat Of course it is. What will happen today in Nature is what happened yesterday, last week, last year or some other time in the past. It’s like a variety … Continue reading

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there’s never a pollster around when you need one

Q: What impact will a continuing writers strike or an increase in reality programs have on your television viewing habits? A: I’ll read more books.

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free range eggs make a tastier omelette

Wanted to Rip my John Coltrane CDs this weekend but haven’t taken the time to perform the careful song selection required based on what I want on my mp3 player. Instead I Ripped Beck, Tone Loc, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The … Continue reading

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Shock, Schlock & Grok

“Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong” – Robert Anton Wilson It make sense to me now that I’m reading¬†‘The Illuminatus! Trilogy’¬†immediately after¬†finishing ‘The Last Words of Dutch Schulz’ by William S. Burroughs and frequently listening to … Continue reading

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