Books Read 2011

2011 can be described as the year I gave into e-books. Some of the items listed below, mainly the Philip K. Dick titles, are actually e-book short stories I downloaded, read and listed individually since they weren’t part of a larger collection. Except for a very limited number of additional examples, in subsequent years I’ve not read many e-books. I’m an old-fashioned printed-on-paper type of reader.

1 A Happy Death Camus, Albert
2 The Ice Storm Moody, Rick
3 Nine Stories Salinger, J.D.
4 The Underground Light Bulb Katchen, Carole
5 The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage Gitlin, Todd
6 The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2006 Dave Eggers editor
7 Black Elk Speaks Neihardt, John G.
8 Slan Van Vogt, A.E.
9 Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Brown, Dee
10 The World of Null-A Van Vogt, A.E.
11 Kerouac – A Biography Charters, Ann
12 Into The Wild Krakauer, Jon
13 Bad Trips Keath Fraser editor
14 Right On! A Documentary on Student protest Maryl Levine & John Naisbitt
15 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Alexie, Sherman
16 Jules Feiffer’s America From Eisenhower to Reagan Steven Heller editor
17 The Portable Sixties Reader Ann Charters editor
18 A Canticle For Leibowitz Miller, Walter H., Jr.
19 Saint Leibowitz And The Wild Horse Woman Miller, Walter H., Jr.
20 Trout Fishing In America Brautigan, Richard
21 The Duplicated Man James Blish & Robert Lowndes
22 Panama McGuane, Thomas
23 The Einstein Intersection Delany, Samuel R.
24 Swimming To Cambodia Gray, Spalding
25 The Wisom Of Insecurity/A Message for an Age of Anxiety Watts, Alan W.
26 Crackpot – The Obsessions of John Waters Waters, John
27 We Zamiatin, Eugene
28 Shopgirl Martin, Steve
29 Timescape Benford, Gregory
30 Gladiator-At-Law Frederick Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth
31 The Stars My Destination Bester, Alfred
32 The Cosmic Rape Sturgeon, Theodore
33 The World Menders Biggle, Lloyd, Jr.
34 The Man Who Lived In Inner Space Federbush, Arnold
35 Tetrasomy Two Rossiter, Oscar
36 In The Ocean of Night Benford, Gregory
37 The Engines of the Night Malzberg, Barry N.
38 Flowers For Algernon Keyes, Daniel
39 The Year of Magical Thinking Didion, Joan
40 Beyond Lies The Wub Dick, Philip K.
41 Beyond the Door Dick, Philip K.
42 The Crystal Crypt Dick, Philip K.
43 The Defenders Dick, Philip K.
44 The Gun Dick, Philip K.
45 Mr. Spaceship Dick, Philip K.
46 Piper In The Woods Dick, Philip K.
47 Second Variety Dick, Philip K.
48 The Skull Dick, Philip K.
49 The Variable Man Dick, Philip K.
50 Apeiron, Aziz White, James
51 Belly Button Reset Fialkov, Joshua Hale
52 The Arkitect Burnett, Barry, M.D.
53 2BR02B Vonnegut, Kurt
54 The Big Trip Up Yonder Vonnegut, Kurt
55 Move Underground Mamatas, Nick
56 The Eyes Have It Dick, Philip K.
57 The Shattered Ring – Science Fiction and the Quest for Meaning Lois & Stephen Rose
58 Against Information Lane, John
59 A Child’s Garden of Grass – An Official Handbook For Marijuana Users Jack S. Margolis & Richard Clorfene
60 The Falling Astronauts Malzberg, Barry N.
61 Beyond Apollo Malzberg, Barry N.

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