Books Read 2017

2017 started out as a good year for reading but then problems developed. For several years I’ve had to deal with  this – EBMD also known as ‘Map-Dot-Fingerprint-Dystrophy’ There is no real cure and the symptoms improve/worsen unpredictably. Here is list of books read as of July 22, 2017.


1 Music Lust Harcourt, Nic
2 Geek Wisdom Segal, Stephen H.
3 We Who Are About To… Russ, Joanna
4 Why Call Them Back From Heaven? Simak, Clifford D,
5 Atoms and Evil Bloch, Robert
6 Autumn Angel Cover, Arthur Byron
7 Mockingbird Tevis, Walter
8 Bicycle Diaries Byrne, David
9 The Shockwave Rider Brunner, John
10 Tabloid Dreams (stories) Butler, Robert Olen
11 Countrymen of Bones Butler, Robert Olen
12 Too Weird For Ziggy Simmons, Sylvia
13 Let’s All Kill Constance Bradbury, Ray