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not enough choices

Reading the TV listings on my yahoo! home page this morning I see the “debate” is on most of the network channels. I’m left with the choice between Mystery-PBS(repeat I’ve seen), One Tree Hill-WB(not my choice of teenage angst, I … Continue reading

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say what?

I’m not looking forward to the day when someone I’m conversing with face-to-face starts talking in “internet shorthand”. Up until the introduction of personal computers for home use, amateur(ham) radio was the technical hobby of choice. Ham radio contains more … Continue reading

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life at 27 MPH

Left home at 6:00PM Thursday and returned 6:00PM Saturday.

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the good book

If my memory is accurate, I still remember the first book I purchased for myself once I was out earning a living. It was a book I grew up with as a child and I knew I needed my own … Continue reading

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disclaimer for all past and future posts

I am not responsible for psycho-spiritual damage or ethical bankruptcy caused by inappropriate use of any material posted by this author in LiveJournal or other Internet repositories.

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Religious Forecast: It will rain catechisms and dogmas

Watched part of the PBS program last night about Sigmund Freud, C.S. Lewis and the debate over the existence of ‘god’. The moderated discussion among a group of diverse ‘intellectuals’ held between program segments I found to be interesting. They … Continue reading

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headlines from yahoo!/Reuters

‘Bush Says Concerned About Democracy in Russia’ He should be more worried about “Democracy” in this country. We’re losing it faster than any other place I can think of. ‘U.S. Rebukes Saudis Over Religious Rights’ Who in their right mind … Continue reading

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