Books Read 2009

1 Irrational Man – A Study In Existential Philosophy Barrett, William
2 The Existentialist Posture Shinn, Roger L.
3 Night Flight To Hanoi – War Diary with 11 Poems Berrigan, Daniel
4 The Adding Machine – Selected Essays Burroughs, William S.
5 The Waste Land and Other Poems Eliot, T.S.
6 The Demolished Man Bester, Alfred
7 Long After Midnight Bradbury, Ray
8 Love That Dog Creech, Sharon
9 I Sing The Body Electric Bradbury, Ray
10 Nightfall and Other Stories Asimov, Isaac
11 The Simultaneous Man Blum, Ralph
12 The Gods Themselves Asimov, Isaac
13 Welding With Children Gautreaux, Tim
14 Rock Star Babylon Holmes, Jon
15 Between Rock & Hard Places – A Musical Autobiography Constanten, Tom
16 Rendevous With Rama Clarke, Arthur C.
17 Old Glory and the Real-Time Freaks Blum, Ralph
18 Peace Out Dawg! Tales From Ground Zero (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
19 Viet Journal Jones, James
20 Bird – The Legend of Charlie Parker Reisner, Robert
21 Shock I Matheson, Richard
22 Shock II Matheson, Richard
23 Shock III Matheson, Richard
24 Selected Poems Baudelaire, Charles
25 Camp Concentration Disch, Thomas M.
26 Welcome To The Nerd Farm! (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
27 The Immoralist Gide, Andre
28 A Scanner Darkly Dick, Philip K.
29 Duke 2000 – Whatever It Takes (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
30 The Revolt of the English Majors (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
31 The Winds of Change Asimov, Isaac
32 The Defense Diaries of W. Morgan Petty Brian Bethell editor
33 Black Humor Bruce Jay Friedman editor
34 From The Back of the Bus Gregory, Dick
35 Poems and Antipoems Parra, Nicanor
36 The Sixties Papers – Documents of a Rebellious Decade Judith Clavir & Steward Edward Albert editors
37 The Human Comedy Saroyan, William
38 Clarion II Robin Scott Wilson editor
39 Those Gentle Voices Effinger, George Alec
40 The Moon Is Down Steinbeck, John
41 Transmission Error Kurland, Michael
42 So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away Brautigan, Ruchard
43 Dominic Steig, William
44 Jerry Kramer’s Farewell To Football Dick Schaap editor
45 The True Believer Hoffer, Eric
46 Making It Podhoretz, Norman
47 Raise High The Roof Beams, Carpenter/Seymour an Introduction Salinger, J.D.
48 Visitor: Jack Kerouac in Old Saybrook Holmes, John Clellon
49 The Times Were A Changin’ Irwin & Debi Unger editors
50 Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers Wolfe, Tom
51 The Student As Nigger Farber, Jerry
52 Selected Poems Atwood, Margaret
53 The System of Dante’s Hell Jones, LeRoi
54 Embracing The Dark Merriam, Eve
55 A Husband’s Notes About Her Merriam, Eve
56 Ten Years to Doomsday Chester Anderson & Michael Kurland
57 Sleeping Where I Fall Coyote, Peter
58 The Pickup Artist Bisson, Terry
59 Reading the Mind of God Trefil, James
60 Psychedelic Trips for the Mind Paul Krassner editor
61 Bowling Alone Putnam, Robert D.
62 Ex-Friends Podhoretz, Norman
63 Berkeley At War – The 1960s Rorabaugh, W.J.
64 Growing Up Absurd Goodman, Paul
65 The Power of Myth Campbell, Joseph (w/Bill Moyers)
66 What Is It, Tink, Is Pan In Trouble (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
67 Death of the Soul Barrett, William
68 Quality Time On Highway 1 (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
69 Killers Of The Dream Smith, Lillian
70 The Meaning of Marcuse Marks, Robert W.
71 Hole In Our Soul – The Loss of Beauty & Meaning in American Popular Music Bayles, Martha
72 Passing By – Selected Essays 1962-1991 Kosinski, Jerzy
73 Acid Dreams – The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixites & Beyond Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain
74 B Is For Beer Robbins, Tom

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