Books Read 2010

In hind-sight I can’t explain why I wasn’t able to maintain the book-a-week pace in 2010.

1 B Is For Bad Poetry Russell, Pamela August
2 A Walk In The Woods Bryson, Bill
3 40 Watts From Nowhere Carpenter, Sue
4 Selected Poems 1956-1968 Cohen, Leonard
5 Beat Down To Your Soul Charters, Ann
6 Alas, Babylon Frank, Pat
7 Searching For The Sound Lesh, Phil
8 The Plot Against America Roth, Philip
9 Doctor Rat Kotzwinkle, William
10 Daybreak – 2250 A.. Norton, Andre
11 Oh The Glory Of It All Wilsey, Sean
12 Atheist Universe – A Thinking Person’s Answer to Christian Fundamentalism Mills, David
13 Pop Poems Gross, Ronald
14 The Child Buyer Hersey, John
15 Henderson The Rain King Bellow, Saul
16 The Virtue of Selfishness – A New Concept Of Egoism Rand, Ayn
17 Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth Fuller, R. Buckminster
18 The Haunting of Hill House Jackson, Shirley
19 The Invaders Laumer, Keith
20 One Second After Forstchen, William R.
21 A Short History Of Nearly Everything Bryson, Bill
22 Against The Machine Siegel, Lee
23 The Blind Assassin Atwood, Margaret
24 The San Francisco Poets David Meltzer editor
25 The Resistance Michael Ferber & Staughton Lynd
26 The New Left: The Anti Industrial Revolution Rand, Ayn
27 Portrait of Jung: An Illustrated Biography Wehr, Gerhard
28 Music For Chameleons Capote, Truman
29 Myths To Live By Campbell, Joseph
30 Your Mythic Journey Sam Keen &  Anne Valley-Fox

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