I’m a life-long reader who was introduced to books (and the public library) at a very early age. Not that my arm needed twisting but I still recall my High School English/Composition/Literature teacher telling me the most important building on any college campus was the library and that I should get to know it intimately. Although I’ve read many books over the years I never felt the need to document my reading until starting in 2005 when I set a goal for myself of reading one book a week. Sometimes it’s been easy and other times a struggle depending on what else is going on in my life. Looking at the pages for various years you will see I’ve usually exceeded my goal.

I tend to avoid best-seller lists, preferring more established material and authors. Much of the time I read with the purpose of wanting to understand more than the plot of the book; I’m often intrigued by the life and times of an author. Much of what I end up reading is the result of serendipity. If you see a pattern in my choices or have any comment don’t hesitate to leave me a message.


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