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mentalageof_4‘s recent post asking about out favorite Star Trek: TNG character really had me working to come up with an answer. The task would have been a lot easier if she would have inquired about the major network news personality … Continue reading

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who was I?(as I digress from my search for who I am)

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who I am…who am I?

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whither…me, I suppose

How does one proceed, where does one start, to live the life they have come to believe is in the best interest of not just themselves but for their overall environment? How is the who or what  that dispenses the advice … Continue reading

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paper or plastic PC?

A recent post by nodressrehersal(and comments) about LJ itself brought up the subject of paper journaling. Years after my father died I ended up with his collection of fountain pens dating back to the 1940’s. Several things grew out of this; … Continue reading

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Everthing You Know Is Wrong

Based on today’s Wikipedia featured article…, I see where ‘0.999…’ is the new ‘1’. Considering myself as someone with at least slightly above average math skills, I would have argued against the idea. But after reading the ‘Fraction’ and ‘Algebra’ … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Keith

Edited Oct. 26th because I had nothing better to do Browsing thru a pile of mostly old used vinyl record albums during a recent shopping expedition, I found this- (image ganked from elsewhere) ‘The Adventures of Keith’ on RCA Victor … Continue reading

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