Books Read 2013

Don’t be fooled that during 2013 I read exactly 52 books in 52 weeks. The year got off to a good start with nine books finished in January then I bogged down and read only seven more over the next five months including zero in June. Got back on track during July by reading 10 and then cruised thru the rest of the year at a good pace.

1 Me Talk Pretty One Day Sedaris, David
2 Adam Link – Robot Binder, Eando
3 My Life As A Man Roth, Philip
4 The Open Boat and Other Stories Crane, Stephen
5 Franny and Zooey Salinger, J.D.
6 National Lampoon’s Doon Weiner, Ellis
7 The Town and The City Kerouac, jack
8 The Ameican Book of the Dead Baum, Henry
9 A Confederacy of Dunces Toole, John Kennedy
10 On A Planet Alien Malzberg, Barry N.
11 The Cross of Fire Malzberg, Barry N.
12 White Shroud Poems 1980-1985 Ginsberg, Allen
13 Davy Pangborn, Edgar
14 UBIK Dick, Philip K.
15 The Salmon of Doubt Adams, Douglas
16 Youthful Writings/The First Camus – Paul Viallaneix Camus, Albert
17 Blue Face (Chapayeca) Edmondson, G.C.
18 Alice’s World Lundwall, Sam J.
19 The Mind Behind The Eye Green, Joseph
20 Stress Pattern Barrett, Neal, Jr.
21 No Time For Heroes Lundwall, Sam J.
22 The Productions of Time Brunner, John
23 Double, Double Brunner, John
24 Bernhard The Conqueror Lundwall, Sam J.
25 Collision Course Bayley, Barrington J.
26 The Fall of Chronopolis Bayley, Barrington J.
27 Let’s Pretend This Never Happened Lawson, Jenny
28 The Grand Wheel Bayley, Barrington J.
29 Ball Four Bouton, Jim
30 Level 7 Roshwald, Mordecai
31 Star Winds Bayley, Barrington J.
32 The Artificial Man Davies, L.P.
33 The Missionaries Compton, D.G.
34 The Earth Tripper Kelley, Leo P.
35 Billions & Billions Sagan, Carl
36 E Pluribus Unicorn Sturgeon, Theodore
37 Shards of Space Sheckley, Robert
38 The Light At The End Of The Universe Carr, Terry
39 The People Trap Sheckley, Robert
40 Sandworld Lupoff, Richard A.
41 Gods and Golems Del Rey, Lester
42 On Wings of Song Disch, Thomas. M.
43 Wine of the Dreamers MacDonald, John D.
44 Syzygy Pohl, Frederik
45 Ascendancies Compton, D.G.
46 The Unanswered Questions About President Kennedy’s Assassination Fox, Sylvan
47 The Company of Glory Pangborn, Edgar
48 Empire of Two Worlds Bayley, Barrington J.
49 As The Curtain Falls Chilson, Robert
50 Politics of the New Left Stolz, Matthew F.
51 The Star Crowned Kings Chilson, Robert
52 Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards Kooper, Al

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