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before this it was northeast Florida’s best known speed trap


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get the ‘Led’ out

Dinosaurs can sometimes be re-animated, but I doubt Michael Crichton’s sense of humor would be adequate enough to do for Led Zeppelin what he did for Tyrannosaurus Rex in “Jurassic Park”. Leave that to a group of crack(ed) players, fronted … Continue reading

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How I like to spend Saturdays

Most guys my age talk about their kids or grandkids. I’m still too busy being my only child and playing with my toys. No, I would rather NOT be golfing.

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About Science

What would you say if I told you that no matter what cards you are dealt, you need to make more friends. Does the responsibility lie with Science, you may ask? So you want to know the truth? Back in … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Fault (Butt Mon)

OK, so you have to be a fan of ‘Dread Zeppelin’ to appreciate the subject of this post. Invoking the spirit of the late, great Lester Bangs with the words he used in his piece on The Doors in ‘The … Continue reading

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Remember, it’s the man’s fault. Always.

Finished reading ‘diary of a mad housewife’ today and my review is – all husbands, boyfriends, male partners, etc. (past, present or future) should read this book! Now!

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Without trying I finally came across someone who signed up for the “sponsored” level of LJ journal containing advertisements and saw an ad for ‘Nick Drake Ringtones’. NICK DRAKE RINGTONES!? Some things should be outlawed or at least people should … Continue reading

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