Books Read 2008

1 FUCK YES! A Guide To The Happy Acceptance of Everything Fing, Wing F.
2 A Long Way Down Hornby, Nick
3 An American Dream Mailer, Norman
4 Kinds of Blue Young, Al
5 The Soft Machine Burroughs, William S.
6 Psychotic Reactions and Carburator Dung Bangs, Lester
7 Nova Express Burroughs, William S.
8 The Ticket That Exploded Burroughs, William S.
9 Love In The Days of Rage Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
10 Journals Early Fifties – Early Sixties Ginsberg, Allen
11 The Wild Boys – A Boof of the Dead Burroughs, William S.
12 Other Voices, Other Rooms Capote, Truman
13 Timequake Vonnegut, Kurt
14 The Stranger Camus, Albert
15 Portrait of Hesse – An Illustrated Biography Zeller, Bernhard
16 Less Than Zero Ellis, Bret Easton
17 Steal This Book Hoffman, Abbie
18 The Mexican Night Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
19 I, Robot Asimov, Isaac
20 The Martian Chronicles Bradbury, Ray
21 Reach For Tomorrow Clarke, Arthur C.
22 The Caves of Steel Asimov, Isaac
23 The Illustrated Man Bradbury, Ray
24 Bagombo Snuff Box Vonnegut, Kurt
25 Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray
26 The Other Side of the Sky Clarke, Arthur C.
27 The Stars Like Dust Asimov, Isaac
28 The Golden Apples of the Sun Bradbury, Ray
29 The Currents of Space Asimov, Isaac
30 Expedition to Earth Clarke, Arthur C.
31 The October Country Bradbury, Ray
32 Reservation Blues Alexie, Sherman
33 Pebble In The Sky Asimov, Isaac
34 The Wind From The Sun Clarke, Arthur C.
35 Dandelion Wine Bradbury, Ray
36 A Bell for Adano Hersey, John
37 Principia Discordia Malaclypse the Younger
38 Very Seventies editors of Crawdaddy
39 A Medicine for Melancholy Bradbury, Ray
40 Timeless Stories for Today and Tomorrow Bradbury, Ray (editor)
41 The Deadly Streets Ellison, Harlan
42 Gentleman Junkie and Other Stories of the Hung-Up Generation Ellison, Harlan
43 Ellison Wonderland Ellison, Harlan
44 Paingod and Other Delusions Ellison, Harlan
45 I Have No Moutn And I Must Scream Ellison, Harlan
46 From The Land Of Fear Ellison, Harlan
47 The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World Ellison, Harlan
48 Approaching Oblivion Ellison, Harlan
49 Deathbird Stories Ellison, Harlan
50 No Doors, No Windows Ellison, Harlan
51 Strange Wine Ellison, Harlan
52 Lonesome Traveler Kerouac, Jack
53 Tales From The White Hart Clarke, Arthur C.
54 Shatterday Ellison, Harlan
55 Sewer, Gas & Electric: The Public Works Trilogy Ruff, Matt
56 For The Confederate Dead Young, Kevin
57 How To Paint Sunlight Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
58 Poor Richard’s Watergate Kammerman, Roy
59 The Watergate Follies Gardner, Gerald
60 Same Place, Same Things Gautreaux, Tim
61 Back Roads To Far Places Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
62 The First Third Cassady, Neal
63 Wild Dreams of a New Beginning Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
64 Happy Birthday, Wanda June Vonnegut, Kurt
65 Notes From Underground Dostoevsky, Fyodor
66 The Texas-Israeli War: 1999 Jake Saunders & Howard Waldrop
67 Minor Characters Johnson, Joyce
68 The Limits of Power McCarthy, Sen. Eugene
69 Partners In Wonder Ellison, Harlan
70 Dangerous Visions Harlan Ellison editor
71 Exterminator Burroughs, William S.
72 Got War? (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
73 Treks Not Taken Boyette, Steven R.
74 The War Within (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
75 For The Hell Of It – The Life and Times of Abbie Hoffman Ruskin, Jonah
76 Again, Dangerous Visions – Volume 1 Harlan Ellison editor
77 We’re Eating More Beets (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
78 Off The Road Cassady, Carolyn
79 DO IT! – Scenarios of the Revolution Rubin, Jerry
80 Tornado Alley Burroughs, William S.
81 Jesus & Mo Vol. 4 Jones, M.
82 Again, Dangerous Visions – Volume 2 Harlan Ellison editor
83 The Long Road Home – One Step At A Time (Doonesbury) Trudeau, G.B.
84 The Machineries of Joy Bradbury, Ray
85 Dear John, Dear Coltrane Harper, Michael
86 Clarion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction and Criticism Robin Scott Wilson editor
87 Memoirs Of A Beatnik Prima, Diane D.

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