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I’m just saying, the needs of the many…

To benefit the rest of us, the best way for some people to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ would be to stop breathing. Advertisements

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why I bought the mp3 player…

I mentioned about moving in news ways this week and so far I have. The mp3 I felt was crucial in enjoying these new moves. Charlotte’s first ‘light rail’ train service went into operation Monday and I was among the early morning riders. The day … Continue reading

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I made a decision

I’m hesitant to embrace new technology especially when it comes to audio products. My turntable is still frequently used and I think of my vinyl record album collection as somehow sacred. Years ago I tried to become a true hi-fi snob but thought most … Continue reading

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Thanks for asking

The answers are; No, No and No. The questions (asked often this week) are: -Are you going anywhere for Thanksgiving? -Are you having any relatives over? -Do you have plans for Thanksgiving? See you next year.

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“A Nation Of Sheep’ by William J. Lederer

Having seen this title many times I’d always imagined it was from the same line of crackpots that gave us Lyndon LaRouche. Wrong. Last week I had stalled after reading the 40 page(!) introduction to Daniel Ellsberg’s ‘Papers On The War’ and … Continue reading

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Social Cataloging (LJ Poll)

*** This Poll Now Closed *** The results will be made public as soon as they can be located. Have you seen the results? If so, please detain them and notify the author so he can perform an interrogation to … Continue reading

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‘The Making of a Counter Culture’ by Theodore Roszak

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Mostly. Was it what I expected? No. (the question of why I read for the first time in 2007 a book originally published in 1969 will go unanswered other than to say it’s normal for … Continue reading

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