“A Nation Of Sheep’ by William J. Lederer

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Having seen this title many times I’d always imagined it was from the same line of crackpots that gave us Lyndon LaRouche. Wrong. Last week I had stalled after reading the 40 page(!) introduction to Daniel Ellsberg’s ‘Papers On The War’ and began wondering what else I could read instead. ‘A Nation Of Sheep’ was something picked up at Goodwill thinking it might prove interesting but ended up posted at PaperBackSwap.com without reading. It wasn’t until Friday when I received a request thru the web site to swap the book that I actually considered giving it a try. I found it very enlightening. As someone who never paid close attention to post-World War II affairs in the Far East other than Vietnam, I was surprised to learn just how bad things were managed in Taiwan, Korea, Laos, Cambodia and of course Vietnam (though this book was written in 1961) A little post reading research informed me that many people firmly believe Lederer’s account of what went wrong and why. For students of current U.S. Foreign policy, I recommend reading this to see if things have really changed that much.

A better title might be ‘A Nation Of Sheep led by Arrogant Ostriches and Reported on by the See, Hear,  & Speak nothing Monkeys’


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