Books Read 2014

1 Beneath the Wheel Hesse, Hermann
2 Why Not Join The Giraffes? Campbell, Hope
3 Portrait of Hesse Zeller, Bernhard
4 Gertrude Hesse, Hermann
5 The Pillars of Eternity Bayley, Barrington J.
6 The Myth of Sisyphus & Other Essays Camus, Albert
7 Peter Camenzind Hesse, Hermann
8 Rosshalde Hesse, Hermann
9 Portrait of Jung Wehr, Gerhard
10 Demian Hesse, Hermann
11 Death of the Soul – From Descartes to the Computer Barrett, William
12 Klingsor’s Last Summer Hesse, Hermann
13 Siddhartha Hesse, Hermann
14 Wandering Hesse, Hermann
15 Steppenwolf Hesse, Hermann
16 Narcissus and Goldmund Hesse, Hermann
17 The Journey to the East Hesse, Hermann
18 Writers For The 70’s: Hermann Hesse Casebeer, Edwin F.
19 Magister Ludi (The Glass Bead Game) Hesse, Hermann
20 Poems (selected and translated by James Wright) Hesse, Hermann
21 The Time Twister Petaja, Emil
22 Lillian Roxon: Mother of Rock Milliken, Robert
23 Starburst Bester, Alfred
24 Skin and other stories Dahl, Roald
25 Demon In The Skull Pohl, Frederik
26 Jack Kerouac Angelheaded Hipster Turner, Steve
27 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Capote, Truman
28 VALIS Dick, Philip K.
29 The Jagged Orbit Brunner, John
30 Rogue In Space Brown, Frederic
31 Nerves Del Rey, Lester
32 Knulp Hesse, Hermann
33 Islands Randall, Marta
34 The Tropic of Cracker Burt, Al
35 Hawksbill Station Silverberg, Robert
36 Preferred Risk Pohl, Frederik & Del Rey, Lester
37 Mutant 59: The Plastic-Eaters Pedler, Kit & Davis, Gerry
38 The Douglas Convolution Llewellyn, Edward
39 The Bright Companion Llewellyn, Edward
40 The Case of the Midwife Toad Koestler, Arthur
41 The Wounded Planet Roger Elwood & Virginia Kidd editors
42 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Pirsig, Robert M.
43 Solaris Lem, Stanislaw
44 A Good Man Is Hard To Find and other stories O’Connor, Flannery
45 The Santaroga Barrier Herbert, Frank
46 The Crucible Of Time Brunner, John
47 Lost In The Cosmos – The Last Self help Book Percy, Walker
48 Space War Blues Lupoff, Richard A.
49 My Folks Don’t Want Me To Talk About Slavery edited by Belinda Hurmence
50 The Karma Affair Darnay, Arsen
51 Darwin’s Radio Bear, Greg
52 What Entropy Means To Me Effinger, George Alec
53 Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose O’Connor, Flannery
54 The Counterfeiters Gide, Andre
55 The New Spoon River Masters, Edgar Lee
56 The Naked And The Dead Mailer, Norman
57 But Enough About Me Dunn, Jancee
58 Naked In Baghdad Garrels. Anne
59 When We Get to Surf City Greene, Bob

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