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New countries in my logbook, but…

…that may be all I’ll ever have to show for it. Not that it matters to most people but there are some who are intrigued with the mystique of communicating without using smartphones or the Internet. My college degree is … Continue reading

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‘Syzygy’ by Frederik Pohl (1981) Based on an actual pseudo-science book ‘The Jupiter Effect’, Syzygy is more of a collection of character studies than anything else. On page 246 (out of 248 total) Pohl eventually gets around to introducing something … Continue reading

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bookcover deja vu

Without any knowledge of the book or the author beforehand, several weeks ago I picked up ‘The Earth Tripper’ by Leo P. Kelley (1973) based on the title, cover art and back cover blurb. It started out well but bogged … Continue reading

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