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Back to reading sci-fi again

Finished with the re-reading of Jerzy Kosinski’s oeuvre. (I’ve read three in this photo since it was taken plus there are two Philip K. Dick novels waiting) Advertisements

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Jerzy Kosinski

Ten years ago I was introduced to the novels of Jerzy Kosinski. He quickly became one of my favorite authors. (in December 2005 I posted about it here) Besides the content and style of Kosinski’s writing the form he frequently … Continue reading

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simultaneously dated and prescient

‘The Puppet Masters’ by Robert A. Heinlein (1951) Haven’t read much Heinlein other than ‘Stranger In A Strange Land’ – which I enjoyed and think I’ll re-read some day. Hey, it could happen! I’ve recently re-read, for the first time since my … Continue reading

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forward into the past (the idiot’s guide to time travel)

‘Chronocules’ by D. G. Compton (1970) “We build a village, so we need a village idiot. Put him on the payroll.” (p. 22) “If you do not believe in predestination, then you believe in free will…to travel backward in time … Continue reading

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Psychedelic Sci-Fi

Chester Anderson’s ‘The Butterfly Kid’ (1967), Michael Kurland’s ‘The Unicorn Girl’ (1969), and ‘The Probability Pad’ (1970) by T.A. Waters are three novels collectively referred to as The Greenwich Village Trilogy.     Anderson was a musician, poet and underground press editor involved in the … Continue reading

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real speculative fiction

Several weeks ago I found and posted the image found at the bottom of this post. For anyone who didn’t appreciate the joke here is the explanation- Question: What do you get when you combine the novels of Roger Zelazny, Siddhartha by Hermann … Continue reading

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time for a cigarette break

Barry N. Malzberg’s 1972 novel, Overlay, contains a total of 192 pages. Appearing exactly in the middle of the book between the 96th and 97th pages is this two-sided Kent cigarette advertisement-   What I find to be of great interest is … Continue reading

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