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“To Be Read” Pile – Thanksgiving Edition

Visited my favorite used bookstore yesterday with this result- Based on the title alone my very first by Michael Bishop. ‘The Guardians’ by John Christopher which I began last night, finished this morning and enjoyed very much. (young adult dystopian … Continue reading

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bookcover deja vu

Without any knowledge of the book or the author beforehand, several weeks ago I picked up ‘The Earth Tripper’ by Leo P. Kelley (1973) based on the title, cover art and back cover blurb. It started out well but bogged … Continue reading

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Recent acquisitions and completions

Four of these were read during the past week- listed in order of “liked-most-to-least” based on my tastes: Level 7, The Artificial Man, The Earth Tripper and The Missionaries. One of the remaining books not already mentioned is there due … Continue reading

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DAW Books = SF

As a reader of Science Fiction paperbacks for well over 40 years starting in my pre-teens, it wasn’t until this last year that I can recall actually picking up and reading any Sci-Fi published by DAW books. My impression prior … Continue reading

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Limited edition two-for-one UBIK (enjoy as required)

What can be better than finding a Philip K. Dick novel at the local public library book sale? Discovering it has a two intact dust jackets-

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two by Peter Heath

The Mind Brothers & Assassins From Tomorrow ‘The Mind Brothers’ – Vietnam, Government/Cold-War intrigue, thought control, time travel, cybernetics, evolution beyond the need for physical existence, fugitive Nazi concentration camp doctor and ruthless oriental villains, underground organizations intent on world … Continue reading

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Good Novel/Bad Movie…

Two books I read this week for the first time- ‘Make Room! Make Room!’ by Harry Harrison & ‘The Edict’ by Max Ehrlich I had previously seen ‘Soylent Green’ a couple of times many years ago (still have a VHS … Continue reading

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