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“To Be Read” Pile – Thanksgiving Edition

Visited my favorite used bookstore yesterday with this result- Based on the title alone my very first by Michael Bishop. ‘The Guardians’ by John Christopher which I began last night, finished this morning and enjoyed very much. (young adult dystopian … Continue reading

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Guess who I’ve been reading this year?

Most of these I’ve had for years vowing one day to read them all. Over time I’d read Siddhartha, Journey, Poems and Wandering (all the short easy volumes) but starting the first of this year I began methodically reading all … Continue reading

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bookcover deja vu

Without any knowledge of the book or the author beforehand, several weeks ago I picked up ‘The Earth Tripper’ by Leo P. Kelley (1973) based on the title, cover art and back cover blurb. It started out well but bogged … Continue reading

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Recent acquisitions and completions

Four of these were read during the past week- listed in order of “liked-most-to-least” based on my tastes: Level 7, The Artificial Man, The Earth Tripper and The Missionaries. One of the remaining books not already mentioned is there due … Continue reading

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DAW Books = SF

As a reader of Science Fiction paperbacks for well over 40 years starting in my pre-teens, it wasn’t until this last year that I can recall actually picking up and reading any Sci-Fi published by DAW books. My impression prior … Continue reading

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The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Runner

‘The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Runner’ (1959) by Alan Sillitoe Another of the seemingly unending string of books that cause me to ask – “Why did I wait so long before reading this?” Having no prior familiarity with what it … Continue reading

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two by Peter Heath

The Mind Brothers & Assassins From Tomorrow ‘The Mind Brothers’ – Vietnam, Government/Cold-War intrigue, thought control, time travel, cybernetics, evolution beyond the need for physical existence, fugitive Nazi concentration camp doctor and ruthless oriental villains, underground organizations intent on world … Continue reading

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