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Chester Anderson’s ‘The Butterfly Kid’ (1967), Michael Kurland’s ‘The Unicorn Girl’ (1969), and ‘The Probability Pad’ (1970) by T.A. Waters are three novels collectively referred to as The Greenwich Village Trilogy.

The Greenwich Village Trilogy, Vol. 1  The Greenwich Village Trilogy, Vol. 2  The Greenwich Village Trilogy, Vol. 3

Anderson was a musician, poet and underground press editor involved in the ’50s Beat and ’60s San Francisco/Haight-Ashbury Digger counterculture movements. Kurland’s work as an author ranges from science fiction to criminal detective fiction and non-fiction. Anderson and Kurland collaborated on the more traditional science fiction novel ‘Ten Years To Doomsday’ published in 1964. Waters was a magician, mentalist and wrote pulp spy novels along with books on magic.

The Butterfly Kid‘ was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1968 and is considered to be representative of science fiction’s New Wave movement away from tales about space travel, aliens and wars. Kurland is a character in Anderson’s novel and all three appear in ‘The Unicorn Girl’ and ‘The Probability Pad‘.

From the back covers-

“IT WAS A NOTHING-SPECIAL GREENWICH VILLAGE DAY…. And good ole Chester Anderson- sometime poet, rock ‘n’ roll singer and self-proclaimed king of the Village- strolled along, content. Content, that is, until he saw a kid making butterflies…Chester and his ragtag pack of singers, groupies and street-wise prophets had stumbled onto a mind-blowing phenomenon that threatened the whole world.” (The Butterfly Kid)

“BLIP! It wasn’t exactly a sound. It was more like a feeling- a gut-wrenching, universe-shaking, giant blip of a feeling. Then came the changes. The legendary powers of Mike and Chester- fearless explorers of a thousand legendary worlds- are no help in handling the extraterrestrial perspective where time, space and sanity all find new meanings.” (The Unicorn Girl)

“Zzap! When those intrepid defenders of humankind, T.A., Mike , and Chester, set out to discover why Greenwich Village suddenly contains duplicates of themselves- and everybody else- they’re little prepared for the turned-on situations they rocket into or their unique assortment of comapanions…EXTRATERRESTIALS, PILTDOWN AND THE PRIMATES, SOLIDUS PLIM, ALTAMONT AND DR. HUDSON, THE TRISKIANS and… COUNT DRACULA???” (The Probability Pad)


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