can’t we try and pretend that we can all get along?

Tonite driving home while following a Ford Expedition. License plate holder said – “My other car is a Zamboni”. Well, OK. But then I read the accompanying bumper sticker proclaiming – “my hockey mom can beat up your soccer mom”

Help! Sometimes I feel like the only sane person in a village of idiots.


About Marcus

Who me? Introverted, neurotic, self-absorbed, increasingly cynical observer of human nature and part time social critic in hiding. Most of my life spent avoiding growing up. The naive idealistic passions of youth have evolved into the eclectic eccentricities of adulthood. Northeast Florida small-town native, related to people I can't relate to. Simultaneously my own best friend and worst enemy. Politically and spiritually unaffiliated, my personal ideologies put me all over the map or off it completely.
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2 Responses to can’t we try and pretend that we can all get along?

  1. Bumper stickers in general intrigue me. What is it you believe so unwaveringly that you want to permanently affix it to your car for all to see? And in your example, what the heck does it teach the hockey mom’s kids? Oh yeah, that life is about fighting and winning.

    • marcsuttle says:

      For decades I avoided placing any type of sticker (except college parking) on vehicles I drove. Maybe it was a result of seeing all those “See Rock City” or other similar touristy advertisements pasted on everyone’s bumpers. Sometime in my late 40’s, because of my dislike for all those black letters on a white oval type stickers proclaiming which upscale resort or neighborhood they belonged to, I went in search and found one that says ‘BFE’. So my very first sticker of choice contained the word F**K. Once the Democrats make a choice this year I plan to place an old ‘1972 McGovern/Shriver’ sticker I’ve saved just to protest. Not sure what kind of statement I’d be making but curious how people will react.

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