Well that wraps up this new season

Exactly 30 minutes into watching ‘House’ last night, during the commercial break, I solved the mystery when I told my wife the patient had been mis-identified and they were working on the wrong person. (probably the only one I’ll figure out on my own)

Hugh Laurie’s cranky, acerbic character is beginning to lose its appeal.


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5 Responses to Well that wraps up this new season

  1. My favorite scene was when Wilson asked House if he’s ever heard the sound a guitar string makes when it’s slowly tightened too much.
    I’m not tired of the character yet, I love me some House. After they revealed the solution, it seemed that it should have been obvious to me, but it wasn’t. Good sleuthing. So what about Cameron, Wilson, and Chase?

  2. mary919 says:

    I thought it was a good episode! I loved the guitar stuff and also when House tossed Wilson’s remote out of the window :). That would signal complete mutiny at my house.
    But it was reminding me of the Ava/Jane Doe storyline from Grey’s last season. Dunno why they always have to do that. Still– it was great to have new House.

    • marcsuttle says:

      I thought you would respond to this. Wilson’s character seemed to have more pith, breadth, or something last night. Maybe the writers had to develop him more to make up for the missing three.

  3. cwmackowski says:

    Last night was the first House episode I’ve watched “live” since last December. I’m still trying to finish up season two on DVD. My wife is well into season three, and my daughter has already finished it. Maybe I should get my nose out of my books and start watching some TV.
    I didn’t figure out the ending until House did. I thought it was a good twist.

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