some of the album covers were pretty cool too

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Separating albums by the Tubes and Vangelis are the only LPs in my collection by an artist whose name begins with ‘U’.

Inquiring Mind: Was there a time in your life when you thought the musical group know as Uriah Heep was, like wow man, the best thing ever?

Me: Yes, but I got over it some time during college.

Inquiring Mind: Just how many Uriah Heep albums do you own?

Me: Their first seven including the live double LP. I even have two Ken Hensley (keyboards) solo albums.

Inquiring Mind: Do you have any Uriah Heep anecdotes you want to share?

Me: Yes, several. I was cured of loaning albums from my collection to high school classmates when I visited a friend who had borrowed Uriah Heep’s ‘Look At Yourself’ and found the mirrored sleeve insert in one of his trashcans. Luckily it was undamaged. Without saying a word I put it back together and took it home. It never came between us way back then and today I still have the album in great shape. After maintaining our friendship into adulthood, we went separate ways in 1988 and haven’t seen each other since. Around 1975-76 I was visiting a friend whose sister had gone off one night with another of our buddies to a Uriah Heep concert in Daytona (we lived near Jacksonville) We were still up playing poker, shooting pool, watching Saturday Night Live or whatever when they returned and told us when the band saw the pitiful shape of the venue where they played they made fun of it and chastised the audience for paying money to see them ins such a dump. Their stock dropped quite a bit in my eyes after that and I think that caused me to stop buying their albums.

Inquiring Mind: Do you still listen to Uriah Heep?

Me: Not much since the mid/late ’70s but funny you should ask. About 15 or so years ago, a close friend who had a really massive (thousands) of albums, CDs etc., got religion and sold everything off. I was one of the music fans who got first choice. The only Uriah Heep CD he owned was ‘Salisbury’ and I went ahead and took it. It sat for years until this week when I was struck with the urge to play it during my morning commute. Now, granted, it didn’t give me any raised-hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck moments like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath tend to do. But, damn, I actually enjoyed hearing it again all the way thru uninterrupted and thought, (gasp) “this is pretty good!”. It might be time for a personal reevaluation of the Heep (and probably more than a few other bands in my collection) to rediscover what attracted me in the first place.

One of these years I should write a review of the two Skyhooks albums I own.


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2 Responses to some of the album covers were pretty cool too

  1. felixwas says:

    Best Deep Purple album is “Who Do We Think We Are.” The double-live “Made in Japan” is fun in an excessive sort of way too.
    Seriously, I always thought Ritchie Blackmore was one of that era’s most overlooked and underrated guitarists. And lo these many years later, I can still name all the members of the “Machine Head”-era version of DP. But I don’t think their music has held up as well as my fond memories of listening to them in my favorite college bars.

    • marcsuttle says:

      I backed into liking Deep Purple via ‘Made In Japan’ which at some point I worried I would wear out due to excessive spins on the turntable. I agree with you about ‘Who Do You Think We Are’.

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