Dr. Carol Ann Dietz-Rimar

During the past months we’ve had more occasions where our Irish Setters had surgery than in the previous several decades. Most were elective (well at least on the part of the human decision makers tho I’m sure the dogs might have chosen otherwise) spays, neuters, hernia repair, dew claw removal and one intestinal blockage (our first ever and the only real scare). All were successfully performed with skill (and at surprisingly little cost compared to other animal hospitals) by a veterinarian we were lucky to find not too far from where we live. But this week brought news via the telephone and word of mouth that she was involved in some sort of vehicle accident early last week. Later reports told of surgery with small hope of success followed by brain death and removal of life support. Of all the tragedy currently in the world this is the only thing in recent memory that caused me to stop and hang my head at the loss of someone who made a difference – with pets and their owners.

From Monday’s Charlotte Observer – Dr. Carol Ann Dietz-Rimar, 51, died March 31, 2007 at Carolinas Medical Center-Charlotte.


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One Response to Dr. Carol Ann Dietz-Rimar

  1. felixwas says:

    I have four dogs and a cat in my house. I can feel the dread you’re feeling.

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