The Adventures of Keith

Edited Oct. 26th because I had nothing better to do
Browsing thru a pile of mostly old used vinyl record albums during a recent shopping expedition, I found this-

(image ganked from elsewhere)

‘The Adventures of Keith’ on RCA Victor records from 1969, still sealed in its unopened plastic shrink wrap. The person on the cover is wearing Janis Joplin style shades and a Keith Moon “mod” haircut. The album’s front and back artwork is what most people would describe as “psychedelic”. Based solely on appearances I paid $2.00 and walked out of the store without a clue as to what I had purchased.

So, who is this “Keith” character?

I couldn’t claim any knowledge of “Keith”(or so I thought) but it turns out he is(or was) a well known somebody in the music ‘biz’. Searching the web yielded some interesting comments about ‘The Adventures of Keith’ calling it “shimmering pop…heady pop tunes, maybe too deep for Top 40 at the time… adventurous tunes, and worth listening to… all the indications that Keith should have been a major, major pop star…Keith and his band crafted an album perfect for FM radio, perhaps a bit ahead of its time “.

But the a-ha! moment came when I discovered Keith had a serious Top-Ten hit in 1967 on his first album. Does anyone remember these lyrics?

Good morning sun I say it’s good to see you shinin!
I know my baby, brought you toooooo me.
she kissed me yesterday, hello ya silver linin,
got spring and summer runnin through me…..
Hey, ninety eight point six, it’s good to have you back again. oh,
Hey, ninety eight point six, her lovin is the medicine that
saaaved me,
Oh, I love my baby

Yes, that was Keith – real name James Barry Keefer that I understand he later changed to Bazza Keefer. He also had other minor hits before his 3rd and final ‘Adventures’ album. During his career he was arrested for draft evasion and went into the Army. After ‘Adventures’ he retired but came back in the early ’70s to tour (but not record) with Frank Zappa’s band as a replacement for ‘Flo and Eddie’. His website is (here)

What I quickly found myself debating was whether to break the plastic seal and play the album or leave it alone. Strange I know, but such are the struggles of a vinyl addict/collector. In my entire collection I have only two other unopened albums. One is an import version of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’ and the other is Deep Purple live in concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The Pink Floyd I have another copy of but have never heard the Deep Purple. After some pondering I’ve decided to slit the plastic, breathe in what I hope is the wonderful(to me) odor of unplayed vinyl and give it a whirl at 33 1/3 RPM.


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2 Responses to The Adventures of Keith

  1. Are you collecting vinyl for the $$ or the joy? If you hope to make a killing on ebay some day, you probably shouldn’t open it.
    I sure like that song, though. I personally would play that album tonight.

  2. My two-cents worth
    I think it looks like a picture of Yoko Ono being John Lennon.
    My opinion is, open, open, open. Otherwise, what’s the point of owning, unless you truly are using vinyl to fund your retirement.

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