mining for metaphors

Parts of my experience are like some other things in life and I’m constantly trying to figure out the meaning. For example; my vehicle is parked in the driveway exactly where I left it the Saturday before Katrina. Not that I am concerned about the availability or the price of gasoline, it sits there because I haven’t needed to drive anywhere.

Swimming in that swamp called nostalgia while trying to avoid being eaten by the alligators of sentimentality.

…and the news headlines still brings Monty Python to mind. (Clang!)


About Marcus

Who me? Introverted, neurotic, self-absorbed, increasingly cynical observer of human nature and part time social critic in hiding. Most of my life spent avoiding growing up. The naive idealistic passions of youth have evolved into the eclectic eccentricities of adulthood. Northeast Florida small-town native, related to people I can't relate to. Simultaneously my own best friend and worst enemy. Politically and spiritually unaffiliated, my personal ideologies put me all over the map or off it completely.
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