why cell phone commercials frequently show people dancing

(inspired by a recent post by jinzi)
Working for AT&T/Lucent/Avaya for almost 20 years exposed me to many different philosophies about voice mail systems. We were “encouraged” to update our greeting daily and also include backup phone numbers for people to call if we were on vacation, etc. I still cringe when I reach someone whose message is several days old. Cell phones, an evil I wouldn’t even classify as “necessary”, have complicated matters. Trying to reach a co-worker by repeatedly calling his work number (makes sense to me) and leaving messages, he never seemed to care about returning my calls. One day I asked him (in front of our boss) why he hadn’t returned a single phone call. He said he didn’t used his work phone and voice mail, only his cell phone. (not hearing a “personalized” greeting on his voice mail box should have tipped me off) I wanted to strangle him. His name, picture and office number were published on the web for anyone to find but he never thought that people he dealt with would bother to use anything but his cell phone. How can someone be that oblivious? Oh wait, I’ve seen his type before. They were the ones who embraced ‘disco’ as the only dancing that mattered and predicted it would rule dance floors forever. He was fired soon after that.


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One Response to why cell phone commercials frequently show people dancing

  1. lousy_timing says:

    I have a cell phone that I consider necessary only because we have no family in the area and it’s fairly rural. Should we be traveling in the car and have something go wrong, it’s much easier to have it with us to take care of the problem.
    Otherwise, I hate the things. I hate them ringing in restaurants, I don’t like people driving and talking without earbuds, and I don’t like it when people use them in stores unless they realize they don’t know what they were suppose to get and call really quickly to avoid driving the 20 minutes that it takes to get home only to be scolded by a spouse.
    I nearly clapped when I read that this particular gentleman got fired. It never worked that way in my life experiences. Congratulations on at least once having the life I wanted! =)

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